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Features of flax briquette

For a decade briquette are the fuel economical and popular in many counties world.

The technology of production of  flax briquette is the process of of pressing flax campfire under high pressure.

Fuel briquettes applied as solid fuel for of fireplaces and stoves of all kinds, including the of solid fuel boilers heating systems. Since briquettes eco-friendly product and burn virtually smokeless, is ideally to use for home heating, saunas, tents, of greenhouses.

Indicator nameValue
Humidity operating fuel,% 10,2
Higher heat of combustion the working fuel kJ / kg (kcal / kg) 17568 (4195)
Net calorific value of the working fuel kJ / kg (kcal / kg) 16163 (3860)
Zonation the working fuel,% 1,8
Initial melting point of of ash,°С

  • ecologically clean fuels;
  • briquettes are non-toxic;
  • Sizes briquettes are not regulated;
  • shelf life of the briquettes is not limited.

Price 660 000 rub. / ton

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