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1 Production wastes
1.1 Nutlet and flosses of scutching
The mass of tangled fibers, major curls
with the presence of of vices and weed impurity from
processing of cotton fiber.
1.2 Nutlet and flosses carding
The mass of tangled, rolled fiber,
small curls with the presence of weed impurity
organic origin and fluff from the processing of
of cotton fiber.
1.3 Thread waste reinforced yarns
Entangled line segments non-uniform thread
from the the processing of cotton and chemical
1.4 Thread waste of yarn
Entangled line segments a single twisted yarn,
different linear densities of the of cotton fiber
all grades and types.
1.5 Line segments
Line segments of of cotton fiber of yarn all
types and grades length not less than 0.2 m .;
Line segments reinforced thread length
not less than 0.2 m.
2 Waste from packaging containers
2.1 Packagings from under of bale cotton

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